What’s In A Name?

What’s in a name?  Quite a lot when you’re making a first impression.  I recently read a story about a new restaurant that opened in a nearby town.  The name of the restaurant?  Bad Apples Bistro.

Quick, what’s your first impression of that restaurant?

If it was negative, you’re not alone.  You only get one first impression.  Make the most of it, or you’ll be hoping for the opportunity of a second chance.  Whether it’s in a job interview, a business deal, a first date, or a new business venture, that initial impression is key.

When it comes to a new business venture, market research can help with the vetting process, allowing the business to improve its odds of a positive first impression.  Want to know what your potential (or existing) customers think of your idea?  Ask!  But please engage the assistance of knowledgeable professionals.  Yes, Survey Monkey is easy to use, but that doesn’t make one qualified to conduct market research.  After all, I can operate a stove, but that doesn’t make me a bistro chef.

As for my example of Bad Apples Bistro, it turns out the reviews of the restaurant are generally positive.  According to an article in City Newspaper, the chef came up with the name “as a joking attempt to prove that ‘even a bad apple can make a great dish.'”  As a self-described foodie, the restaurant sounds great and I hope to try it one day.  Let’s hope the chef’s back-story proves to be more powerful than the first impression the bistro name creates for many.


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