Ten Characters You’ll Meet On Facebook

Most people probably believe they are “normal” or “average” when it comes to describing their participation in social media.  So what does that mean?

In an article on Mashable, the average Facebook user was described as being late 30s with “229 friends, of which 22% are from high school, 12% are co-workers, 9% are from college.”  On average, 52% check-in daily while “26% of users ‘Like’ a friend’s status, 22% comment on a friend’s status and 15% update their own status.”

Let’s look beyond the numbers for a minute.  In reviewing my Facebook friends list, I’ve come up with 10 characterizations of the different users whom I encounter.  I’m not claiming these are good or bad, right or wrong.  Don’t worry Facebook friends, you will remain anonymous and any similarities are strictly coincidental.  😉

  1. The Groundhog:   makes an appearance once a year.
  2. The Soapboxer:   believes their friends truly want to hear all of their views on politics and/or religion and that the more they share, the more likely they are to convince you.
  3. The Lurker:   checks in, but rarely comments or shares.
  4. The TMI-er:  treats Facebook like a personal diary and shares too much information, especially intimate information.  Too Much Information!
  5. The Populist:  has never turned-down a friend request and treats Facebook as a contest to see how many friends he/she can accumulate.
  6. The Reporter:  treats Facebook as most treat LinkedIn or Twitter by posting all articles found.
  7. The Inspirationist:  posting quotes and pictures that spreads positive energy throughout Facebookland.  Arch-enemy to . . .
  8. The Complainer:  they love to complain about their own issues and don’t have too may positives to say about others’ postings either.  Facebook is their venting forum.
  9. The Tornado:  a fury of activity for a short period of time followed by long stretches of inactivity.  In Western, NY this is also known as “The Lake Effect.”  🙂
  10. The Advertiser:  forgetting the rule of thumb that social media is not about selling their products/services the majority of the time, this user does exactly that.

So, who did I miss?  Which one(s) are you?


14 thoughts on “Ten Characters You’ll Meet On Facebook

  1. Lists always make for good reading and comments. I have to admit, I could not find myself in your top 10. I have elements of a few, but that would likely make me more normal. I’ve identified others types too. How about that friend who’s EVERY posting is remarked on by all those who know them. I’ve seen people post…. “should I have the red or white wine?” and that draws 30-40 remarks. I’d call that ever popular person, the Noisemaker.

    There’s the Debater who loves to offer an opinion on everything even stretching a topic where no debate was intended.

    Enjoyed reading it Arthur. Carry on!

  2. The Color Commentator. You dont actually have to watch a sports game just follow their wall and you’ve read the game. Can be read live or later… like Tivo.
    And the foodie who believes we need a photo of every meal they have had this week. Typically dines out a lot.

  3. There is also the proud new parents… but honestly those make me very happy. And I also know a new baby is pretty much IS there life. So I love that type.

  4. Love your categorizations Arthur. I’m with Greg in that I don’t think I fall into one specific category but have the qualities of a few. I definitely know many of these characters.

  5. Oh geez! Hope I don’t fall into any of those categories. But I think you’ve nailed it with your list — and the comments are right on, too. PS Love your header of the canal…

  6. Exactly! I guess I find myself a little in each category. Mostly reporter and advertiser, as I try to use the social media medium for promoting the area. To give travelers reasons to stay at our B&B. Made the mistake of making it personal once…………won’t do that again. Thanks for this list.

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