Big Lessons From A Mini Contest

This past weekend I was selected as the second winner of Dorschel Automotive’s #winsmall contest.  I won a free weekend-long test drive of a Mini Cooper and now have a 1-in-12 chance to win a free 2-year lease of a Mini.  It was a great experience to trade in my Mini Van for a Mini Cooper, even if just for 3 days.

Their contest had 3 great components which could be applied to many marketing campaigns.  Learn more about them in my first video blog!


5 thoughts on “Big Lessons From A Mini Contest

  1. Love to see you win the lease too. I liked your video blog. You have explained the premise really well and demonstrated the power of both Social Media and a well – integrated plan for a specific promotional effort. Congratulations.

    Cynthia Barton
    eConcepts Marketing

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