Do You Signal?

No, I’m not talking about driving – although that could easily apply to half of this blog’s readers based on a recent vacation.  😉

I’m talking about LinkedIn’s under-utilized feature called Signal.  Do you use it?  Have you even heard of it?

Last week I wrote about how Twitter’s decision to discontinue automatic cross-postings to LinkedIn has helped reduce clutter in your network update stream.  If you’d like to further reduce the noise and fine-tune the relevancy of the LinkedIn status updates and news in your stream, you need to use Signal.

Signal allows you to filter your stream based on one or more of the following:  network, company, location, industry, time, school, group, topics, seniority and/or update type.  You can search within checked filters on keywords or people.  As with your “regular” network update stream, any new updates will get pushed in real-time so that you can refresh for the latest update that meets your filter settings.  You can even view trending links and who has shared them.  Lastly, you can save your searches and even share them as a status update, post into a group or send via private message.

So where can you find this handy LinkedIn tool?  Look under “News” in the gray toolbar at the top of your LinkedIn homepage (between “Companies” and “More”).  It’s the last choice in a 3-choice drop down menu.

If you’re not familiar with Signal, I encourage you to check it out.  Play with the different filters and see how it changes your update stream.  As I write this post, I have 5,579 network updates I could read.  If you don’t have the time to read that many updates (who does?!), using Signal could turn LinkedIn from a casual “read when I have time” to a highly filtered daily must-read.

Let me know your thoughts on Signal.  Are you ready to start using it?  If you have been using it, what’s your experience been like?


9 thoughts on “Do You Signal?

  1. Never even knew about the feature. It looks interesting. For now, I’m not ready to filter out updates but it’s nice to know I have some smart options about how to cut back. I don’t like the name of the feature as I’m not sure how the name relates to the feature. Thanks for sharing Arthur.

    • It’s a nice way to filter out the updates you’re not (as) interested in. LinkedIn has a major update it’s rolling-out, so I’m curious to see if this feature remains. Thanks for reading and commenting on the post!

  2. Good stuff. Never knew this existed and like Michele said the name does not indicate its function. I too amn not yet ready to filter. The fact that the Twitter feeds no longer populate my updates has reduced the clutter significantly.

  3. This is a quick way to focus on a topic. The tool lets you select multiple ways to filter the updates to a short list that you can then peruse based on interest. I have seen this feature previously but do not use it regularly. Your post will serve as a reminder about this feature and I may use it more often going forward as a result. Thanks!

  4. This is a great tool on Linked In. I recently learned about it and have had a good level of success using it to zero in on particular topics, such as hiring. It even allows you to limit the search geographically. Thank you for spreading the good word about Signal!

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