What’s For Dessert This Thanksgiving?

As the American Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaches, there’s word that an increasing number of retailers will open that day for holiday shoppers this year.  Thanksgiving used to be immune from the craziness of holiday shopping.  Not any more and consumers are to blame.

Not too long ago, retailers were closed on Thanksgiving Day.  Many would open early the following morning (known as Black Friday) with special deals.  Over the years, that early opening would start even earlier as retailers wanted to get a jump on their competition.  You didn’t have to be Nostradamus to see the writing on the wall that one day, a few retailers would cross the midnight threshold.

The trend started last year, as some retailers tested the waters of opening on Thanksgiving Day instead.  For the most part, and to my personal displeasure, that test was a success.  As a result, the door has opened a little further and more retailers are planning to open on Thanksgiving Day; some with offers that are exclusive to Thursday.  Other retailers won’t open their brick and mortar locations, but will have special online details in place.

Guess what?  More consumers will embrace the sales this year and next year the door will open yet a little more.  Slowly but surely, the sales-happy consumers in this country will send a message to retailers that it’s okay to open on Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving might just be my favorite holiday of the year.  I love what it stands for and I love the family traditions that revolve around it.  I have no plans to reward retailers who choose to open on the holiday, even if they try to entice me with a 70-inch LED television for next to nothing.

How about you?  Will you be enjoying apple or pumpkin pie for dessert, or running to your local mall (or computer) to shop instead?


4 thoughts on “What’s For Dessert This Thanksgiving?

  1. Arthur,
    I for one will not be shopping on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday either–did that once, (alone because my husband wouldn’t go and my other family members would have kept me out until it was time for breakfast) and never again. I am constantly bombarded with emails for sales and with tax free purchases and free shipping at many online stores, there’s no reason at all to engage in a holiday shopping frenzy.

    I was in a few stores last week and I could feel the tension in the air and was very annoyed to see that the Greece Ridge Mall is setting up the area to visit Santa already–complete with faux ice blocks; and the Michael’s store in Henrietta was playing Christmas music–enough already!

    I’m a Christian and the saying, “Jesus is the reason for the season” is something that becomes more and more pertinent to me every year. i miss the humble Christmases that we used to have-I don’t enjoy watching my overwhelmed nieces and nephews open up so much stuff that they don’t remember what they got and are not that grateful for it.

    My husband and I both are very proud of the fact that we get our Christmas shopping done on vacations, at craft shows and online, usually way before Christmas, so we can just enjoy the true meaning of Christmas.

    Thanks for letting me vent,

    Yvonne Cleveland

    • Thank you for commenting on my post Yvonne. Sadly, I think it’s only a matter of time before stores start the “why wait for the 26th to return your gifts – we’re open on the 25th!” I hope I’m wrong about that . . .

  2. I have never, and will never shop black Friday, which now is black THURSDAY? It’s incredibly disturbing that people have to work those days when it is not necessary. Obviously people in the medical field, reporters, etc. HAVE to work. But really, the retail workers are not needed and should be able to have a nice day off not looking at the clock what time they have to go to work. And the retailers should be ashamed of the specials… they will have maybe 4 flat screen tv’s for $100. Well what is gonna happen when 50 people line up to get those 4 tv sets. Mayhem. I do know people who have a tradition of going out on Black Friday that they seem to enjoy. But I will be sleeping in.

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