Experiencing Failure

Failure, Success, Failure Is The Road To Success, Quotes, Quotes on Failure, Quotes on SuccessFor most people, the greatest number of “failures” will be experienced during job loss and job search.  If you haven’t experienced failure often or know how to handle it, failure can be a debilitating emotion.  It can impact you negatively today as well as tomorrow.  So what are you to do if you’ve recently lost your job or have spent weeks/months looking for work?

Remember this . . . “You are not a failure; you experienced failure.”  I read that headline recently and it really resonated with me.  When I was downsized in 2009, I did feel like a failure.  I felt as if I had failed my employer, my family and myself.  That’s a tough hole to dig yourself out of emotionally and until you do so, it negatively impacts and handicaps you – especially as you look for employment.

The sooner one realizes the difference between being and experiencing failure, the sooner he/she will start making significant progress with finding employment.  Your new outlook will restore your confidence as you realize that most successful people have also experienced failure prior to success.

You’ll start to see that there’s something to be gained from each experience whether it’s a skill set, a life lesson, a network connection or knowledge that will make you better prepared for what lies ahead.

The holidays can be a hard time for those who are unemployed – I’ve been there and done that.  With a new year comes a chance at a new start.  Once you truly accept the difference between being and experiencing failure, your new outlook will make a difference to your job search.  Obviously, that’s just a part of the equation as you’ll still need to work at personal branding and your personal marketing plan, your digital footprint, in-person and electronic networking, continuing education, professional assistance and traditional search methods.

While there is no crystal ball as to which method(s) will result in your new job, remember that companies want to be successful (and look for successful candidates).  Demonstrate and celebrate your successes and remember that you are not a failure, you simply experienced failure, as have millions before you.


10 thoughts on “Experiencing Failure

  1. Great article Arthur. This is so true. Once you get your head wrapped around the fact that you aren’t a failure, your attitude changes. A positive attitude (looking for the silver lining of the past experience), allows others to witness the real you!

  2. Great article, Arthur. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience. It reminds me of one of the issues of “Success” magazine in which the publisher, Darren Hardy, talks about failure in a positive way. He strongly suggests embracing failure because that is how each of us will grow.

  3. Arthur, I know this article will give additional hope to anyone who reads it. I was also a member of the unemployed class of 2009 (it took me 11 months to find a new job) and I decided to look at it as an opportunity to try something new. I tell people who are laid off not to take it personally. Once people get beyond being hurt or seeing themselves as a failure, the better chance they have to move onto something better and feeling good about themselves. Great post!

  4. Thank you Arthur. This is a great article and a great reminder for everyone for dealing with failure. Sometimes, perspective can be everything.

  5. I’ve started to reach that point in my search where I’m beginning to question my entire professional existence… “maybe I’m not as good as I thought, maybe I’m really not people oriented, my degree is probably useless” and so on.

    Thanks for the encouraging words!

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