About Us

Marketing consulting, outsourcing and freelancing services to small businesses, ad agencies and organizations based on 3 core principles:

EXPERIENCED:  “Just because you can turn on the oven, it doesn’t make you a chef.”  In other words, just because someone can use a free survey tool, it doesn’t make them qualified to conduct market research.  How you research anesthesiologists is different than how you research bakery customers.  While that sounds like common sense, only experience will translate to effectiveness.  I’ve conducted over 5,000 research projects in over 175 professional, consumer, non-profit and event segments.  See the clients tab for more detail.

INDEPENDENT:  Ask your local cable sales rep what’s the best medium to advertise in.  Do you think you’ll get an answer other than “cable tv?”  The same is true with radio and print.  Being independent, I’ll give you an honest answer.

AFFORDABLE:  No overhead translates to a very affordable pricing structure.  Please contact us for a quote.  If you don’t immediately see what you’re looking for, I have an extensive network of professionals I’m affiliated with.

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