Research Services

The possibilities for marketing research are virtually endless, and some of the topics can be combined into a singular survey.  However, “respondent fatigue” is something that needs to be monitored carefully as it can lead to a decrease in the quality and quantity of the response.

  • Brand Awareness – which brands (company’s and/or competitors’ brands) are the audience aware of?
  • Brand Perception – how does the audience perceive the brand?
  • Brand Preference – which brand and varieties are preferred, and why?
  • Media Usage – which media does the audience engage in, to what extent, and which are preferred?
  • Demographics – can go beyond the basics (age, gender, education, income) to include hobbies, spending habits, purchasing plans, recreational activities, etc.
  • Event Attendee Satisfaction – measure how satisfied attendees are with the content, organization, registration process, venue, experience, etc.
  • Event Vendor Satisfaction – measure how satisfied vendors are with the venue, promotion, quality and quantity of attendees, etc.
  • Advertising Effectiveness Pre-Launch – Measure and obtain feedback on the creative before it launches, giving you the ability to make improvements and avoid/minimize problems.
  • Advertising Effectiveness Post-Launch – Did the advertisement work as planned – why, why not and to what extent?
  • Social Media Usage – Which social media programs is your audience using, to what extent, how often, and what are their expectations for engagement?
  • Social Media Monitoring – What is being said about your product, the industry, and your competitors.