Social Media and the Job Search

I manage social media for The August Group, a volunteer organization committed to retain local talent in the Greater Rochester area by facilitating career and business networking for professionals, both employed and those seeking new or different employment.  In 2009 I created the position of Social Media Coordinator and have been doing it ever since.

I recently met with fellow volunteers who are busily planning the group’s next Career Fair, scheduled for December 8th.  The purpose was to present an overview of the social media efforts from previous Career Fairs and share lessons learned and best practices.

Prior to my presentation, I asked each of the volunteers which social media platforms they use, if any, in their job search.  To no surprise, all use LinkedIn, almost all had Facebook but only used it for personal purposes and none used Twitter at all for their job search.

I’ve given many presentations on this very topic, and I think what I enjoy most is showing how powerful each of those platforms can be.  Twitter, in particular, can be almost as powerful as LinkedIn.  I love watching the skepticism on the faces of those in attendance when I make that statement!

I think Twitter has a bad reputation (some of it deserved) and many people view it as “a waste of time” or “stupid.”  Like most things, if you know how to use it properly, it can become a valuable tool.  For job seekers, there is no crystal ball.  Someone looking for employment has no idea where his/her next job will come from.  It could be networking, a recruiter, a traditional classified ad, social media, or even a combination of these.  Without a crystal ball, why would someone close the door to a tool that could land him/her a job?  All avenues should be explored and opened!

If you or someone you know is in career transition in the Rochester NY area, I will be returning to the Penfield Public Library to once again present “Social Media and the Job Search” on Tuesday, December 6th.  Registration is free and opens to Penfield residents on Tuesday, November 22nd and to everyone on Tuesday, November 29th.  You can register for this event here.


2 thoughts on “Social Media and the Job Search

  1. Arthur, you should try and consider mentioning to others Face-to-face networking is the best way to make meaningful relationships of mutual assistance and support. LinkedIn makes that difficult by requiring non-subscribers to use existing connections to meet new people. Down4Lunch allows users to connect directly with matching professionals whenever they want and for free.

    • Thanks for mentioning that Jess. Face-to-face networking, in my experience, provides for a better quality networking relationship than electronic networking. If you’re job searching, you shouldn’t dismiss any opportunity or tool that’s available!

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